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Strong College Students Moving
is a moving company which was founded as a result of some part-time job for pocket money. As the name suggests, this moving company believes in hard work and dedication and this can be found in youth, in plenty of amount. They can even provide the required muscles and thus, this company was founded where college students are employed from various local colleges and universities. We offer both home and office relocation services and for both local and long-distance moves. We do not fear of the distance and the amount of manual work involved since we are the most friendly and workaholic working movers who have all the zeal in making every move a successful one.

We cater our services to all those who need us like college students, young professionals, families with senior citizens, retirees, business owners, government offices and various corporations. We have or=ur shiny trucks which can gain your attention at the very first look and with our catchy name, we get half of our work done and like this, we have been helping the country move in a right direction. Apart from helping every customer in moving, we also provide services like packing, storage, junk removal, item donation, labor only services and all those things which can help you in a smooth and hassle-free relocation.


Strong College Students Moving was founded and started in the year 2015. This was started by its CEO Shaun in his college apartment along with his roommate and one fraternity brother. They had a plan of starting something which could provide them with some extra income and also can match with their college schedule and thus, they started with this moving company. With all this happening, Mr. Robinson and his partners helped them by advertising their services on various local websites and from there they started getting their business. With the honesty in the name and with the logo of STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® “Movers with Knowledge”, they started getting emails and calls for the moving services, and before they could realize, their small extra income source became a big hit.

Meet the Business Owner

Shaun C. Robinson is the CEO and business owner of Strong College Students Moving Company. He started this company when he himself was a college student who was looking for some ways of getting some extra income and with his passion, he was able to help hundreds of students at local colleges and universities and his alma mater, the University of South Florida. WIth his efforts, soon the company grew to become a full time moving company where he was able to employ his friends, students and other fraternity brothers with whom he enjoyed working. With his complete focus on the growth of the company, he decided to shift his entire focus on infusing strong values into the company and with everyone’s commitment to the great ideals and our inclination towards ethical practices has made us grow as a national success.

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