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Swift Movers in San Antonio is known for their fast services. When we say fast, we do not intend to say that we do everything in a hurry. We, with the help of our experienced staff, do everything within the specified time without compromising on the quality of the services. Be it packing your things or your fragile items to loading them into the truck and making it available at your new address at the desired date, we do everything pretty quickly when compared to other moving companies. We provide all types of moves including commercial and residential at affordable prices and there are no hidden charges at the end of the move. So, what you see in the quote is the final price of the entire move.
Trust is important to be built with the customers to not only ensure their business in the future but to also get some referral business. To build this trust we make sure that we handle things like it’s our own and being transparent about the services and prices also contribute towards building a great relationship with the customer. We often update the prices on our website along with the moving policy so that people can see the price and compare them with the quote and they would come to know that in the quote there are no hidden charges involved. We also provide packing materials for San Antonio area.


Swift Movers started their business in the year 2009. We started with a small team which was dedicated to providing the utmost satisfaction to all the customers, however, we have stick to the same plan and we have continued with the same small team ensuring the quality of the services. We believe that big things come in small packages and we are honored to be known as the small moving force of the city. We love our reputation in the market and we have been consistent in our services and providing the tailor-made solution to the customers depending on their situations.

Meet the Business Owner

Luis Gonzalez, the business owner of Swift Movers, was not sure as to what to do to get some extra income on the weekends and thus started with providing moving services on weekends. He started this company with no serious thought of making it a full-time business, but when he did his first move, he never thought that it will go a long way. Only after 4 weeks of his first move, he was able to convert this part-time option into a full-time business opportunity and since then, he has never looked back. He was able to do all this only because of two things, quick and reliable services at affordable prices and people with less time and no money found this option to be a great one for all their moving requirements.

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