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Los Flores Movers is a family owned business which is almost 20 years old. We are a fully functional and operational moving company in the city of Houston and since we are a family run moving company, we make sure that every customer feels to be a part of this family. As we always try to keep our family happy and away from any kind of stress, we also make sure that while doing any kind of move, whether it is commercial or residential, you should not take any stress about anything till the time we are here in the city. We will always ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience to you.

Everyone is busy with their daily routine and if some new responsibility is added to that routine, you often end up being frustrated. This is also true when it comes to moving to a new location since it involves a great deal of human efforts and mental hassle. Thus, with our company, you can ignore all that worries related to moving, as we are here to provide you a quality driven moving service which will make your move a worry-free transition. No matter you want to move your home or the office, we will always ensure the safety and security of all your belongings as we have trained professionals to take care of all that and this all will come to you within a surprise and affordable budget. We are capable enough to handle any kind of move and even the long-distance moves.


It all started in the year 1998. Las Flores Movers Company was started in 1998 and since then we have been serving people of Houston and the surrounding areas, in making their relocation process a smooth one. We work on the principle of grandma care, which means, that as we take care of our grandparents in our home, in the similar fashion we take care of your valuable belongings and ensure the timely and safe delivery of all the things at your new location. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction level, thus, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to moving services.

Meet the Business Owner

It was Gilberto F. who thought about this great idea of helping people in the time when they needed the help the most. He came up with the vision of helping people to move from one location to another since this is something which is way more tiring both mentally and physically. Thus, if you get some help in here, it makes your entire process a smooth one and you will enjoy the entire journey rather than feeling it be a fatigue one. However, the owner noticed that it was not easy to develop the trust among customers, which can ensure them about the safety of their valuable possessions in some stranger’s hand. This is where he saw the opportunity and started with the moving company, where you get all the answers to your doubts and when one has all the answers, trust starts building up which by the end of the process, becomes a strong bond of faith.

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