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Specialities :-

Every customer deserves better and trusted company while moving from one place to another place. There are many moving companies in the market but some companies only gain honest and trust by the costumers, Ferrari Movers is one among them. Ferrari is a kind of movers which offers full-fledged services not only in local area but also in non-local and also to long distances. They cost are low with no complaints and serves their clients with respect. They true motto is to expand their business in an old fashion way i.e., through word of mouth. They always make sure to keep their customers happy and satisfied. 

They are good in services like packing, Moving supplies, Insurance and storage. Hauling the furniture is a torment to every one while moving, but Ferrari movers provide moving boxes to protect the client’s grocery items and valuable belongings. They can provide more number of moving boxes, which are helpful for the long distance moving. Packing and wrapping of items carefully and loading them into trucks without damaging any part of the house, doors and floor and also to the items can be done only by the professionals. Going through house renovation or temporarily out of station or want to sell the items, because of no free space in the house, Ferrari movers provide short and long term storage facilities. They keep the ware house pets free and clean and can provide good environment and temperature and maintain humidity levels so that, there will not be any breakage or cracks to the stored items. They provide insurance for the moves and also to the stored items.They provide reasonable price which are typically less than the insurance company.

Ferrari movers are trained in customer service and can handle any problem with utmost intelligence. Moving is very easy and stress free job to them, only the customer has to book a service- they will come pack the goods, move the goods, and unpack the goods where they are need and place them in a right path. 


Ferrari movers might be new to the business industry but not to the moving industry. John Honacher is the owner of the Ferrari Movers which was established in 2010 in Bay Areas of New York City. He and his staff are experienced in moving industry. Their customer’s happiness while moving is their happiness and satisfaction. So with this intention he started the company which always kept the customer satisfaction first and others on the bottom line.

Meet the Owner

John the founder of Ferrari Movers, he almost spent his young stage in the moving industry. He gained a lot of experience in moving industry. He is found of fine arts and antiques. Basically he is a painter and knows what matters to the customers. He learned that people needs honesty and trust and respect while carrying their belonging, so he opened the company with good and guarantee prices. He believes that happy moving customers will surely refer their closed one and follow old fashion of word of mouth.

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