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If you are looking for some expert help in moving throughout Seattle and the state of Washington, then you have found the right partner for your move. Can’t Stop Moving Company is among those few companies who help and specializes in local moves. We have expertise in handling every size of the move, starting from moving a single piece of furniture to a four-story home, we have done it all and have been doing this without much hassle, which often people associate with moving to a different place. We are not saying all this just on the basis of our expectations, but we have read the reviews of our customers and after reading them you would come to know as to why we are the most quickly growing moving company in Seattle and we are aiming to be among the list of top movers. You get all the services including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, storage facilities and even the in-home relocations which include even the bulkiest of pieces.


With the establishment of Can’t Stop Moving Company in the year 2009, a new era of moving services started where the entire focus was on customer’s satisfaction. As it is always said that two is a company, this moving company was also founded by two people, who came from Boston in search of something new which might be exciting for them. Before this, they used to work for some other moving companies back in the east, and it was there that they realized that this work can be more systematic, organized and clearly communicated to the customers about each and every step of the move. They wanted to move away from the traditional methodology used by the moving companies. We will make sure that the entire move becomes a fun activity for you and you can just sit back and relax and observe the tasks going around you.

When you select any moving company, the quotes provided by these moving companies include the price of their expenses as well. So, bigger the name more the price, but we believe in keeping the things simple. That is why we do not have much of the overhead costs and that is the reason why we are able to provide our services at the competitive prices. The best part about dealing with us is that there is no intermediate or third-party involved in between. If you have any questions or concerns, you have the owner of the company to talk to, no secretary, no receptionist. Even for finalizing the booking, you get in touch with the owner and there can be no better employee than the owner himself. For your comfort, we are available all the days of the week and you can contact us anytime for any of your questions.

Meet the Business Owner

The two guys who started Can’t Stop Moving Company are Alex and Eric. These two began their company in 2009 and now this company has grown to become a company with 10 full-time employees. All of them are diligently working towards making each and every move of yours a stress-free one and during, before or even after the move, you can be in touch with the owners for any of the concerns about your move.

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