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Moving companies have been there using traditional ways of running their business, but Bellhops is the only company who have tried to break this barrier of the traditional approach. We are the only company that has combined the efficiency of a tech company along with the muscle of a moving company. This actually means that we have introduced technology to the moving industry and have made things easy for both the customers and us. With the help of involving technology with our work, we have made sure that the services are competent and efficient enough and it also turned out to be a cheap option than our competitors. We have actually designed a complete process which has made the process of moving smaller residences quite easily, especially apartments and homes with 3 bedrooms.

As soon as you request for online quote, you get the reply instantly and with the booking done, our staff of young and talented people will arrive at your place and get the things done for you. We have a very transparent pricing policy with which you can see all the prices that are quoted to you and you would come to know that there are no extra charges levied on your quote. We have all the aspects of a move which you need for a safe, simple, affordable and anywhere move in the entire Indianapolis. We cover anything that is within 20 miles of the metro area, and whether you are moving in here from some other state or just changing your neighborhood, we have got you covered. You only have to request for the quote and we will bring you home along with all your belongings.


Bellhops moving company started from Auburn University in the year 2011 when Stephen Vlahos and Cameron Doody, co-founders of the company, starting hiring athletes for helping students move in and out of the campus housing. We wanted to make sure that every student who walks in the university does not have to go through the pain of stressful moving and after its success, it actually became our permanent business of providing complete moving services. In the last 7 years, we have grown from a campus moving service to complete moving service serving major metros in the USA. With the help of a tech company, we can now provide the cheapest moving services in Indianapolis and thus, everyone can take advantage of these moving services.

Meet the Manager

Bellhops moving company is in the able hands of Jack S. who is the manager of the company. He understands the pain of moving and sees it as a big change in the life. This change should be a progressive change and should begin with the stress-free move and not with the hassles of packing, loading and be doing all the manual work. Thus, you can contact our moving company at any point in time and we have complete focus on the entire process. With the help of technology advancements, we tend to make every move look as easy as it can be.

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