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Bekins Northwest is a full fledge moving service provider and has everything and ever services, one would require at the time of moving houses or offices. It can be said that it is a one-stop shop for all your moving requirements. The company has a huge variety of services for you to choose from and deals in all types of moving irrespective of their size, type and location. Following mentioned are few services of the company which includes;

Packing/ Unpacking services

Loading and Unloading services

Safest delivery

Delivery of new furniture and appliances

Supply of Packing material and boxes

Along with moving services, the company also has a team of professional mover sot perform all such services efficiently and effectively. All their movers are strongest, friendly skilled personnel who are eligible in making your move a stress free and easy one. The company truly believes in working hard so to offer you all a great and memorable moving with the help of their efficient and excellent moving services.


Having a long-term experience about the moving industry and being known from all the ins and outs of the moving process the company Bekins Northwest was established in 1903 within such a short span of time, the company has come so far in terms of offering moving services that now they are considered to be the most efficient and reliable movers of the industry, making thousands of move successful and making n number of customers satisfied with the same. The company takes pride in offering the best customer service in order to draw 100% customer satisfaction into their accounts.

Meet the Business Owner:

Jillian I. is General Manager and VP of Administration.  She is a 3rd generation mover -- her grandparents owned a moving company and she began working in her parent's moving company while still in high school. He got the strong working values and ethics from his grandfather and these principles have always benefited him in establishing such a good moving company. He in total has 4 years of experience in the moving and with the help of this experience only, he has been able to move a lot of customers safely to their desired location.

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