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Helping others have put us in the place where we are the most preferred moving company in Dallas. AM Moving Company is here to help you in all the way possible to make your move a stress-free and with your minimum involvement. Every move is important, no matter whether it is the first one or the second one. Every move has their own reasons and to make every move a successful one, you need to have the support of experienced and reliable movers who can help you out at every step. This is what we have and that is why we have been able to make this company a huge success. We offer a whole range of moving and delivery services including residential moving, commercial moving, loading and unloading of the things, packing and unpacking, storage units for storing your things on the way (if required), moving of things like furniture and appliances and even removing the junk from the household items so that you have less number of things to carry on to your new place of living.

We have been the preferred choice of people living in the city and especially to those who have been doing local moves. We can help you in your long-distance move as well and we do all this with keeping in mind the importance of time and money. Time and money is something which everyone is trying to save and thus, people often approach us for our economical, reliable and organized moving services. All you have to do is pick up your phone, call us and ask for your moving quote today and after that, we will take care of every single thing related to the relocation of you and your things.


AM often indicates the first and foremost part of the day and this is what our name resembles. AM Moving Company started their business in the year 2011 and we are a locally owned moving company which has been operating dedicated completely to the satisfaction of every single customer. It does not matter where you want to go, we just make sure whatever your need is, we are here to fulfill all your needs and provide you a smooth moving experience. We are proud of saying that with our services you do not have to worry about the safety of your things and that you will get each and everything reaches you without even a scratch. We have a team of highly dedicated, qualified and full-time movers who are there to help you and take utmost care of your things and we do not believe in hiring some part-timers or day laborers which can affect our quality of services.

Meet the Business Owner

David A., the business owner of AM Moving Company grew up in the Lakewood area near Whiterock Lake. This was not his first choice and before this, he has given his 15 years to the corporate world, but then he finally realized that he is up for something more meaningful. He was more into meeting new people and there can be no better way than a moving company to meet new people on daily basis and help them in making their life a bit easy, especially when it concerns relocating to a new place.

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